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Deploy, manage, upgrade Kubernetes on any cloud and automate deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.

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What you can do with ByteBuilders

Kubernetes anywhere

Provision and upgrade Kubernetes cluster on any cloud or on-premises infrastructure

Kubernetes for everybody

On-board every member of your team on the cloud native journey using informative dashboards

L4 & L7 Load Balancing

Voyager ingress controller provides L7 & L4 load balancing, high availability, sticky sessions using HAProxy

Production-grade databases

Run popular databases like, Postgres, Elasticsearch, Redis, MongoDB, MySQL, Memcached etc. on K8s using KubeDB

Better Safe Than Sorry

Use Stash to backup and restore any stateful workload using restic or volume snapshotting on any K8s cluster

Protect secrets in Vault

Use KubeVault to provision HashiCorp Vault on Kubernetes and manage secrets in a Kubernetes native way

Terraform the K8s way

Use Kubeform to provision and manage any cloud provider resources using Kubernetes CRDs & Terraform

Guard Kubernetes Cluster

Use Guard as a Kubernetes Webhook Authentication server to login users via Google, GitHub, Azure, LDAP, etc.

For Any Team



Make Kubernetes accessible any member of your development team using ByteBuilders' innovative Kubernetes Dashboard. Only solution that can discover and display connections among any Kubernetes custom resources.



Go beyond just displaying CRUD dashboards for Kubernetes resources and gain visibility into your operator deployments. ByteBuilders allows you to easily collect analytics from any cluster and answer important questions.


Security & Compliance

Use Prometheus to send alerts to programmatically and proactively monitor your infrastructure and systems. Empower your administrators with flexible, fine-grained control across your entire stack using Open Policy Agent.

Global Cloud Infrastructure at Your Fingertip

Provision self-managed multi-node Kubernetes clusters in minutes just with a few clicks. Easily take advantage of the global infrastructure footprint of the cloud providers, like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, DigitalOcean, Linode and others.

More than 5,000 developers use AppsCode products every month to deliver value

Turbocharge your Kubernetes journey with AppsCode's open source Kubernetes operators
and developer tools, like, KubeDB, Voyager, Stash, KubeVault, Pharmer and others.
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Detailed technical reference implementations designed to help you solve common problems and build faster

"Highly Available Postgres"

"Run a Highly Available (HA) PostgreSQL database on any Kubernetes cluster using KubeDB"

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"Multi-node Elasticsearch"

"Run a multi-node Elasticsearch database on any Kubernetes cluster using KubeDB"

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"Stash with Amazon EKS"

"Use Stash to backup and restore volumes of a Kubernetes workload running in Amazon EKS"

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"Auto Backup with Stash"

"Automatically backup of any workloads in your cluster and stay prepared for any disaster"

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"L4 & L7 Load Balancing"

"Use Voyager — a HAProxy backed secure L7 and L4 ingress controller for Kubernetes"

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"Free SSL certificates"

"Provision and refresh free SSL certificates from Let's Encrypt using Voyager"

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"K8s Authentication server"

"Guard your Kubernetes cluster using GitHub, Gitlab, Google, Azure or LDAP"

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"HashiCorp Vault on K8s"

"Deploy and manage HashiCorp Vault server Amazon EKS using KubeVault operator"

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Deploy, manage, upgrade Kubernetes on any cloud and automate deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.