Elasticsearch Hot-Warm-Cold Architecture Management with Kibana in Kubernetes


On 2nd March 2022, Appscode held a webinar on Elasticsearch Hot-Warm-Cold Architecture Management with Kibana in Kubernetes. Key contents of the webinars are:

  • Deploy Hot-Warm-Cold Elasticsearch Cluster
  • Deploy Kibana Instance with ElasticsearchDashboard CR
  • Deploy Logstash and Filebeat
  • Monitor Kubernetes Logs with ELK Stack
  • Configure Index Lifecycle Management for Hot-Warm-Cold Nodes

Description of the Webinar

Earlier in this webinar, they discussed in detail about Hot-Warm-Cold Architecture for Elasticsearch. They created an elasticsearch instance with hot-warm-cold architecture.

Later in this webinar, They discussed Kibana support for Dashboard. Where they created an ElasticsearchDashboard instance to deploy Kibana. They showed lots of customizations for deploying ElasticsearchDashboard. They also created an Index Lifecycle Management policy through kibana for Elasticsearch Hot-Warm-Cold Architecture. An Index Template was created to configure elasticsearch indices. They deployed Logstash and Filebeat for propagating logs to elasticsearch. After that, they showed a demo of monitoring kubernetes container logs from kibana. Finally, they performed some manual testing to ensure the Elasticsearch Hot-Warm-Cold architecture is implemented, and it is functioning as the ILM policy is set to be.

Take a deep dive into the full webinar below:

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