Announcing KubeDB v2023.11.2

We are pleased to announce the release of KubeDB v2023.11.2 . This post lists all the major changes done in this release since the last release. Find the detailed changelogs HERE . Let’s see the changes done in this release.

Breaking Changes

UpdateVersion ops request

We originally added Upgrade ops request to support database version upgrades. Later we introduced UpdateVersion ops request and deprecated the Upgrade ops request. The reason was that this ops request can be used to either upgrade or downgrade between minor or patch versions. In this release, we have remove the Upgrade fields from the ops request CRD schema.

kubedb-catalog chart values

In this release we have modified the values file schema for kubedb-catalog chart to support private registries properly.


In this release, a new command has been added to kubedb cli to support checking for alerts generated by Prometheus rules.

  kubectl dba get-alerts mongodb -n demo sample-mongodb --prom-svc-name=prometheus-kube-prometheus-prometheus --prom-svc-namespace=monitoring

  Valid resource types include:
  * elasticsearch
  * mongodb
  * mariadb
  * mysql
  * postgres
  * redis

  name of the prometheus service

  namespace of the prometheus service

  port of the prometheus service

What Next?

Please try the latest release and give us your valuable feedback.

  • If you want to install KubeDB, please follow the installation instruction from KubeDB Setup .

  • If you want to upgrade KubeDB from a previous version, please follow the upgrade instruction from KubeDB Upgrade .


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