Introducing Stash v2022.07.09

We are announcing Stash v2022.07.09 which introduces a new feature and a few improvements.

You can find the complete changelog here .

We are going to highlight the major changes in this post.

New Features

Here is the new feature of this release:

  • Add Hook ExecutionPolicy: We have added executionPolicy to our PostBackupHook and PostRestoreHook. You can specify any one of these three executionPolicy - ‘Always’, ‘OnFailure’, ‘OnSuccess’ along with the Hooks. The default executionPolicy is ‘Always’. If you use ‘OnSuccess’ executionPolicy, the Hooks will be executed only after a successful backup or restore. On the other hand, ‘onFailure’ will execute the Hooks after failed backup or restore only.


We have also made some improvements. Here are the notable changes,

  • Ensured that the backupsession will be marked as completed after executing all the steps #176 .
  • Added RBAC permissions for finalizer #1458 .
  • Custom labels will be passed to Volume Snapshotter Job properly #1461 .

What Next?

Please try the latest release and give us your valuable feedback.

  • If you want to install Stash in a clean cluster, please follow the installation instruction from here .
  • If you want to upgrade Stash from a previous version, please follow the upgrade instruction from here .


To speak with us, please leave a message on our website .

To receive product announcements, follow us on Twitter .

If you have found a bug with Stash or want to request new features, please file an issue .


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